Halloween is a fun time to get creative with costumes - but many costume materials like fabrics, plastic masks and cheap accessories create a lot of waste. With some simple strategies, you can design an eco-friendly Halloween costume this year.

1. Buy Secondhand
Check out local thrift stores for costume items. You can often find wigs, hats, jewelry and costume pieces at a discounted price. Search used clothing sites for costume-worthy garments. Buying secondhand saves resources and keeps clothing in use and out of landfills.

2. Use What You Already Have
Look through your own closet, jewelry box and accessory stash to find items you can repurpose into a costume. Get creative combining pieces you already own for a unique look. Try a costume theme like 1980’s workout instructor using legwarmers, tights and a leotard you have on hand.

3. Make Your Own Costume
For a low-waste costume, make your own using fabric scraps, natural materials or reused items from around the house. You can make easy no-sew costumes like a mummy or ghost from old sheets and pillowcases. Get kids involved in the creative process for a fun family activity.

4. Rent a Costume
Consider renting a costume from a local costume shop or rental service. Many offer high-quality costume rentals at affordable prices. Renting reduces waste associated with cheap costume manufacturing and plastic packaging. Look for costume swap events too.

5. Choose Natural Materials
If you do purchase a new costume, choose fabrics like cotton, linen and bamboo over polyester when possible, unless upcycled or secondhand. Avoid plastic masks and accessories. Opt for cardboard, wood or other natural materials. Face paint and makeup are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic face masks.

With some eco-conscious choices, you can have a stylish Halloween costume that is kind to the planet. What are your tips for an eco-friendly Halloween costume? Let me know in the comments or on our social media.

October 31, 2023

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