Our new sustainable activewear collection, reef, is inspired by the beauty of our underwater world. From the serene blues of the open sea, to the shape of corals, reef blends eco-friendly materials with wearable, nature-inspired designs. 

But why?









The hidden problem

Abandoned fishing nets, also known as "ghost nets," have posed a grave threat to Sri Lanka's coral reefs for years. 

These nets can trap and kill marine animals and can cause physical harm by damaging and smothering coral, resulting in coral bleaching, death, and habitat destruction. Moreover, as these nets break down over time, they release microplastics into the environment.

The mission

With the expertise of local divers, gngr bees and partners Beach Collective conducted a comprehensive cleanup operation in some of Sri Lanka's ecologically significant reef areas.

The clean up involved 20 divers visiting coral reef sites where nets used for fishing have been abandoned.

Divers gently untangled the ghost nets from coral reefs so as not to damage their structure. This was delicate work and took 2 dives per diver to complete clearing the area.

With roughly 4,000kg of nets cleared, we hope to shed light on impact of ghost nets and their threat to coral reefs.

The reef collection comes in sizes XS-XXXL and in three colourways. Browse the range here.

September 18, 2023

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