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If you have a project we’d like us to support or work at an organization that is interested in working with us, reach out to us.

gngr bees is committed

gngr bees is committed to ethically producing goods from materials that have been disposed of, reclaimed, upcycled and recycled in partnership and in aid of communities and social enterprises around the globe. We seek transparent, empowering and ethical work for fashion that does not cost the future of our planet, nature and all the living beings that share it. 

We’re one group of bees working to inspire and build a hive that shares our values and wants to work toward a better future with us.

The Why

Driven By Purpose, Not Profit

gngr bees was created from one simple principle — that companies should have a real purpose that goes beyond selling a product. With a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of passion, we have reclaimed what was once labeled waste and transformed it into high-quality, lasting activewear that is strong enough to endure the toughest workouts while empowering the wearer, the creators and the planet.

The gngr bees Foundation

In this journey, we have discovered endless possibilities and met incredible people whose passions and values align with ours. We’ve recognised that we alone are not able to change the world but that it takes everyone together. 

Learn more about the projects we have created and the incredible organisations and people we support.

Meet the Changemakers

What started as a mission to find a single-use, plastic-free supply chain led us on an unforgettable journey that created lasting partnerships with people that think as we do. Our partners, our community and nature are where we find inspiration to embrace and do more every day.

our partners

Azizi Life

Azizi Life, is helping to support rural Rwanda artisans by bringing hope to their families through fair trade income and beautifully hand-crafted goods. Together, we have developed the Eco Shipping Tote — an upcycled cement sack with handles that allowed us to ship our activewear single-use, plastic-free in a tote that consumers can keep forever, re-using it however they like when we first launched. We have now moved to working with biodegradable packaging since.

Beach Collective

Beach Collective is a crypto currency that does good with every transaction. They allocate funds to support communities around the world and promote ocean, beach and nature clean-ups. With passion at the center of their enterprise, as they continue to grow they’re taking on bigger projects like creating seagrass farms, supporting refugee camps, recycling plastic found and collected from the ocean and mangrove plantations. We are so proud to have partnered with them to do weekly ocean cleans and plant mangroves around the world!


Booteek is a social enterprise that aims to link underprivileged women in Sri Lanka with the rest of the world by marketing products handmade by them. In addition to working with women, they recently started training a team of young adults with special needs to paint and create our packaging from upcycled waste paper, which is where we came gngr bees in. Previously, when consumers bought from us, products would arrive in upcycled, reusable tea sacks that have been painted just for them. We have now moved into a biodegradable sleeve which is painted with toxin free paint.

Born Free

Born Free is an animal charity that’s passionate about wild animal welfare and compassionate conservation. gngr bees x Born Free have come together to increase awareness of the effects pollution and climate change have on wildlife across the globe while encouraging people to learn and support wildlife conservation. We supported their mission by creating an exclusive and limited edition t-shirt made from reclaimed fishing nets with 100% of the profits being donated to support three wildlife projects that Born Free advocates for and supports.

Nara Guichon

Working locally with fisherman and net repairing facilities, Nara Guichon rescues old fishing nets from the sea and transforms them into a variety of products. She works with gngr bees to source fishing nets for some of our limited edition sports bags — another material that has been upcycled and transformed into a functional, , plastic-free product exclusively for our community. 


Native helps us protect the planet and support indigenous communities with transparency and accuracy. This partnership offers you the chance to protect and restore 3x3m squares of the world's most precious and biodiverse ecosystems under threat from human activity, including rainforests, mangroves, corals, and more.

Saving the planet together