With the passing of International Women’s Day, a day where we celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, it is important to recognize that celebrating women is important every day. We want to take the time to celebrate the numerous and diverse contributions of women in various fields including philanthropy, music, and athletics. By recognizing and sharing their stories, we not only honor the incredible achievements of women but also inspire future generations to break barriers and stereotypes, just as these women have.


Alejandra Castro Rioseco


Alejandra Castro Rioseco is a Chilean civil engineer and philanthropist. Over the past decade, she has worked in philanthropic projects after graduating with a degree in civil engineering.

She is the founder of Mujer Opina Foundation in Chile that promotes and educates others on women empowerment. The foundation's project, Las Ultimas Mujeres or Last of the Women, aims to preserve Chilean Mapuche culture by focusing on indigenous traditions and languages.

As an active participant in the establishment of the Gender Equality Roundtable and collaboration with Human Rights organizations, her commitment to creating an equal and harmonious society for all does not go unnoticed. Among her activities is the creation of green spaces and libraries for numerous underprivileged schools in Melipilla, Chile.


Kate Bush

Kate Bush is record breaking British singer/songwriter who has been breaking barriers for women in the music industry since she was 19.


Some of her exceptional achievements include:

  • Topping the UK single chart for four consecutive weeks with her single “Wuthering Heights” (did I mention that this was also her debut single as well?)
  • Becoming e the first female artist to reach number one in the UK for an entirely self-written song
  • Being the first British solo female artist to debut at number one on the UK album charts.


Even at the age of 11, Bush demonstrated exceptional musical talent by teaching herself to play the piano and composing her own songs. She has earned a reputation as a trailblazer in music, breaking traditional rules and pioneering a unique legacy. By the time she released her fourth album, Bush had achieved something uncommon for many women in the 1980s music industry: artistic independence.

Bush’s innovative approach to music has inspired countless artists since her debut. To this day, she remains an important influence on contemporary music and is praised for her unique sound and unconventional themes.


Dame Kelly Holmes

 Dame Kelly Holmes has become one of Britain's most recognizable and respected athletes, winning Olympic, World, Commonwealth, and European medals to name a few.


As an incredibly successful British female athlete Holmes has garnered an extensive list of awards and achievements including:

  • The first british female to win the 800m and 1500m in the 2004 Olympic Games
  • BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award
  • European Athlete of the Year Award
  • Laureus World SportsWoman of the YearAward
  • The Damehood Honor

Alongside her achievements in her athletic career, Holmes is now an incredibly high-demand inspirational speaker, passionate about raising awareness of mental health.  Holmes is also the founder of the youth development charity, The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust. The foundation is centered around the belief that every youth deserves a champion. Her organization is committed to providing young people with a support system that equips them with positive mindsets that enable them to succeed in their own athletic or life aspirations.  

Holmes' career is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and perseverance. She serves as an inspiration to all who strive to achieve greatness in their chosen field, and her legacy will continue to inspire generations of athletes to come.

The work and commitment  of these women to make the world a better place for us all have paved the way for other women to do the same. We encourage everyone to consider donating to a local women’s shelter, volunteering with a girls’ mentorship program, or supporting a nonprofit that focuses on women’s health and education.

 Remember there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.



March 09, 2023

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