our projects

Developing our own projects is something we have been wanting to do since GNGR Bees was born. The way we see our business, is that the waste we convert into something beautiful for you, serves as a tool to empower great things around our planet.

GNGR Bees ‘Pi’ Project

In our first self-funded project, we look at native bees in the Pacific Island of Tonga, where their bees are rapidly declining and near extinction.

Our aim with this project, is to care for the existing bees, increase their propulation and habitat and promote the benefits of supporting bee populations and their impact in the local ecology.

How is it funded?

The funding of this project is linked to our products - we have dedicated our Sally design (sportsbras & leggings) to empower it. Every time an order from this design is placed, a tree is planted via our partner One Tree Planted and part of the profits get invested in the Pi Project.


Shop Sally to help the PI Project