Native helps us protect the planet and support indigenous communities with transparency and accuracy. This partnership offers you the chance to protect and restore 3x3m squares of the world's most precious and biodiverse ecosystems under threat from human activity, including rainforests, mangroves, corals, and more powered by what3words, a mapping tool.

Current status: Active

Squares Protected: Launched in February with our new collection. We will provide an update in 3months.



How does this program work?

gngr bees is collaborating with Native to enable you, as our customer to help protect and restore 3x3 meter squares of the world’s most precious and biodiverse ecosystems including rainforests, mangroves, and coral reefs within a designated Project Area (such as a rainforest or water body). This area is monitored via satellite and displayed on a digital map.

Native partners with indigenous communities to identify project areas and scores them with their ABC methodology taking into account carbon density, biodiversity density, and community impact. Using the what3words mapping tool, every 3x3m Square is marked on a map and monitored via satellite. Native then secures funding to preserve or regenerate the identified project area. Upon receiving funds from individuals or companies, Native allocates the corresponding 3x3m Squares via the Native map. The price of each square is determined by their ABC methodology, but for this partnership, they have offered us a set price of $10 per 3x3m Square.

When a project area is earmarked for regeneration, activities such as planting trees and coral restoration take place. In contrast, if preservation is the goal, local communities receive resources to meet their basic needs, reducing their need to work with mining or logging companies.


What happens when a person purchases a piece from the Native collection

gngr bees donates 10% of the profit from each item in the Native collection to the organisation Native. This contribution helps preserve or regenerate nature and supports the indigenous communities who steward it.


What happens when a person donates durin checkout at gngr bees?

If a donation is made during checkout, 100% of the funds go to Native. Native allocates 90% of these donations to preserve or regenerate the designated project areas, and to support the indigenous communities who steward them. The remaining funds cover operating costs.

February 01, 2024