In our world where the climate crisis and environmental concerns are at the forefront of global news and consciousness, lots of businesses and brands are taking up the challenge to reduce plastic waste. It goes without saying that this is amazing and every step towards reducing waste should be applauded.

We're doing the same here at gngr bees - with our pieces arriving in plastic free packaging, continually funding social projects to remove plastic from oceans and habitats, and generally trying to reduce waste throughout out supply chain.

But when it comes to our activewear pieces, we’re taking a slightly different approach to the plastic problem. By choosing to utilise existing materials, we give existing plastic a new life. And we want to share some of the benefits of doing this. 

Allow us to explain…

Fashion with Purpose: Repurposing Plastic
We strive to repurpose plastic to create versatile and durable activewear - as durability is very important when it comes to pieces you'll rewear over and over for your workouts. One of our proudest achievements is the SILT collection, where we source recycled polyester textiles from reputable mills in Taiwan, Dongguan, and the Netherlands. 

Recycled Polyester: A Fashionable Step towards Sustainability
Our decision to utilise recycled polyester is rooted in our unwavering belief that it offers the epitome of quality and longevity. Each garment crafted from recycled polyester maintains its shape and strength over time, while also providing impressive breathability to keep you comfortable during your active pursuits. Additionally, this innovative material boasts UV-reflective properties, adding an extra layer of protection during outdoor workouts.

Confronting Microfiber Concerns: A Closed-Loop Solution
With all these benefits of recycled polyester pieces, we do understand the environmental impact of synthetic garments, including shedding microfibers during each wash. Luckily, there is a great solution to this issue.

By using our laundry bags made from monofilament, ensuring that gngr bees' and other synthetic garments can be washed securely without releasing microfibers into the oceans through the washing machine. It's our closed-loop solution that completes the circle of plastic recycling - from picking up bottles, processing them, and transforming them into durable clothes, to offering care, repair, and providing a micro waste solution.

Making an Impact: Numbers Speak for Themselves
Through the SILT collection, we dedicated a portion of our profits to support Beach Collective to clean up beaches and oceans in the Philippines, Kakuma, and Israel.

Our collective efforts have resulted in the repurposing of an astounding 28,974 plastic bottles and the responsible handling of 964 KG of ocean-bound plastic (please check the SILT project for updates). These figures clearly show the positive change that can be achieved when fashion merges sustainable collaborations to address environmental challenges.

Creating Jobs
The plastic-to-material recycling process can create new jobs for small communities as it creates a need to collect, sort, process the materials and craft the new garment. So our part in up-cycling plays a part in a green economy: simultaneously promoting environmental sustainability and economic growth.

Beyond Fashion: Securing a Sustainable Future
By encouraging sustainable recycling and contributing to the conservation of oceans, gngr bees is on the course to protect the environment and preserve it for future inhabitants. We firmly believe that this dedication to sustainability will pave the way for a more environmentally-conscious world for the next generation.

Community of Change-Makers
gngr bees' commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products. We strive to cultivate a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for making a positive impact. Each of our collections is thoughtfully tied to a robust sustainability program, which means that behind every purchase, you are an integral part of our collective effort to create a greener future. 

So there we have it. Some of the benefits of using materials that already exist on our planet - even if they are plastic based. And a reminder that by being part of the gngr bees community, you’re part of a family who has nature at the heart of everything we do. Take the plastic problem and add a bit of creativity, we can help clear up the planet for good. 

July 26, 2023

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